Britain’s New Sex War

I have researched and published on a broad range of topics in medicine, welfare and sexuality during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, along with closely related themes in gender, social and political history. My current research examines how state intervention in the treatment of venereal diseases transformed the structure and ideology of healthcare in Britain from the end of the Great War to the ‘swinging sixties’.

Ethics, Education and Experimentation

I’m also working on a transnational project that explores how, and with what consequences, new medical ideas and technologies were trialled between 1870 and 1950. This project sits at the intersection of historical bioethics, knowledge exchange and medical commerce. Medical ethics have been (and continue to be) shaped by politics, race, gender, sexuality and class. My research is examining how these issues informed relationships between health professionals and patients; the provision of medical resources; and the choice to trial experimental drugs and procedures on persons living in societies without codified bioethics. It’s placing the patient at the centre of evolving medical ideas, treatments and technologies.

Areas of Expertise

Social history of medicine | Healthcare | Medical eduction | Public health | Health policy | Medical ethics | Nursing and midwifery | Infertility | British social and political history | History and policy | Gender history