Birkbeck, University of London

  • Mastering Historical Research in the History of Science and Medicine (MA Module)
  • Medical Experimentation from Frankenstein to Nuremberg (MA Module)
  • Very British Scandals, 1820–1939 (BA Module)

University of Oxford

  • Supervisor for undergraduate dissertations on the history of medicine
  • Mentor for postgraduate students in the history and sociology of medicine
  • History of the British Isles, 1815–1924
  • History of the British Isles Since 1900
  • Disciplines of History (thematic and methodological paper)

University of Cambridge

  • Department of History and Philosophy of Science: History and Ethics of Medicine
  • Faculty of History: British Economic and Social History Since 1880

University of Sydney

  • Modern European History, 1750–1914
  • Darwinism, Nationalism and Eugenics
  • Twentieth Century Europe
  • Writing History (thematic and methodological paper)